Our Breeding Objective

Our purpose is to select a German Pinscher like a dog for home, for family, with a good and balanced character, healthy, beautiful and noble .
For this reason, each mating is carefully planned, is appropriate and promising...
For us, therefore, is not only important to maintain a high level of our females, but also say great care in choosing the suitable male- also abroad-who are as close as possible to our objective of breed selection.

Our dogs are tested for hip dysplasia (HD), for dilute gene, for von Willebrand disease (vWD) and at regular intervals for eye disease, probably hereditary. Course, includes a complete check-up to the vet (not just prior to mating), because we believe that complete and regular checks are essential for a responsible breeding.
In addition, more detailed knowledge we have been given by the achievement of the degree in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and continued participation in meetings, seminars and conferences that allow us to acquire new knowledge and stay up to date on health, nutrition, heredity, welfare, education and training of the puppy and the dog...
ANKJE - Unforgettably Ankje Black Jem

We are members of:

Our puppies are all ENCI registered  (National Italian Kennel Club) so they are in possession of a valid certificate / pedigree. The puppies are wormed regularly before their departure, are examined by the veterinarian, vaccinated, the microchip is inserted, they have health-card and are registered at the National Health Service (ASL).

Happy breeder moments - Unforgettably  A-litter  - 2012

For our pups we want people who love and incorporating the puppy as a full member of the family.
We want the future owners know the breed standard is both his strong character; so that they can appreciate and train their puppy from the start with great rigor and severity, but also with much praise and positive reinforcement,
putting boundaries very clear and strict rules.
At the same time, however, we want that future owners are willing to spend much time with their Pinscher and give enough attention and affection.
So if you are interested in a puppy from our kennel we want to meet you. Every puppy that leaves our home carries take away a small part of us, a little piece of our heart. We are very pleased if you would make us all sorts of questions, just so you can learn and our puppy grow better. We don't expect all the new owners use the puppy for breeding or exhibition, but we will be very happy if there is a serious interest in this, or if you have chosen our breeding for it.
We will give you our full support and we also offer advice and assistance.

Our duties and our interests aren't only programmed mating, but also a right imprinting and a diligent search to find a right home and family  for each of our puppies. Our interest in the puppy doesn't stop just at the time he leaves our care
We are very interested in how babies develop in their lifetime and if our intentions and our purposes of selection are made. 

We will be always available for every type of advice and assistance.

Anyone interested in one of our pups can contact us at any time, and can come see the puppies from the fourth week of life onwards.

Regular contacts and visits during the growth of the puppies are, of course, welcome.